Temporary storage

The temporary storage warehouses of LLC Rostek-NTB are a complex of open sites and warehouse premises, engineering and auxiliary structures located in the guarded territory and intended for customs control purposes. The warehouse complies with the latest requirements for maintenance engineering and data support of warehouses.
3000 м2
Warehouses area
The area of seven basketball courts
6000 м2
Open area
The area of a football field
Number of loading doors
Air heating in winter
+8 c
Security alarm system
Video observation system
Fire alarm system
Civil liability insurance of the temporary storage warehouse
Discan 150 180 X-ray equipment
Special premises for storing freights with increased background radiation
Capacity of freezing equipment476 м3
Capacity of refrigeration equipment476 м3
Complete integrated automation in conjunction with experienced staff allows the entire complex of the customs control events to be performed with maximum efficiency in the minimum amount of time.
On 10 May 2012, LLC Rostech-NTB received certificate No. 10225/100512/100023/1 on inclusion in the Register of temporary storage warehouses. The Sebezh customs point of the Sebezh Customs (the customs point code 10225030) is located in the territory of the customs-logistics terminal of LLC Rostek-NTB.

The territory of the warehouse, which is the customs control zone, is equipped in compliance with all the requirements of the laws and regulations.
This territory has fixed fencing and is equipped with security alarm and video observation systems. The entire territory of the terminal is guarded by armed staff of a private security company.

The open area of the warehouse is equipped with a frame crane for the loading and unloading of bulky cargo and a vehicle weight-checking system with a weighing capacity range of up to 80 tons.